Summary of Features

The features of TAV Alighter meet the current market requirements for passenger vehicle.
They are comparable with global standards and surpass the expectations of our domestic customers.

Smart Cockpit

Up to 18 intelligent items of human-machine interface and one-machine multi-screen intelligent cockpit, integrating LCD instrument, HUD, car information, voice or body recognition and ADAS advanced functions, will be updated through the “software” to obtain the latest vehicle Experiences such as intelligent sample upgrade functions and maintenance service information have greatly improved the traditional cockpit type that was biased towards “hardware” in the past.


The lightweight of aluminum alloy body is only one-third of the weight reduction and energy consumption benefits of steel. In the world, the recovery rate of aluminum metal for vehicles has reached more than 90%. Aluminum alloy materials also have extremely high economic value and recyclability. To achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and environmental protection in the future is of utmost importance. Therefore, the major electric bus manufacturers in EU countries have aluminum alloy bodies as their standard specifications. Taking the recent bid invitation for electric buses in Serbia as an example, the standard specifications of aluminum alloy bodies are stated as a trend and proof.

Long Range

The standard endurance of international electric bus products is more than 400 kilometers. Alighter is equipped with 362 kwh high power to achieve an international level of endurance of 450 kilometers. The power during off-peak hours can provide the power grid with the flexible function of reverse V2G power supply in a timely manner, so that the grid system More stable wisdom benefits.

Liquid Cooling

The heat dissipation technology of the battery pack is related to battery degradation and service life. The heat dissipation technology of the battery pack of the electric bus products in the world has been upgraded from the first stage air-cooling technology to the second stage shared electric air cooling technology, to the current third stage The intelligent control of full-cycle liquid cooling technology shows the uniqueness and superiority of the Alighter TAIWAN electric bus in the most critical battery pack technology.

OTA Technology

Provides software upgrade services of Over the air (OTA) innovative technology, which effectively shortens the vehicle recall procedure, greatly shortens the repair time and effectively reduces the cost, and positively achieves a significant upgrade in the safety and reliability of the active and passive safety systems.