Business Philosophy

Tangeng Advanced Vehicle(TAV) management team, is a good shepherd, focus on commercial vehicle development, production and marketing sales, we believe that the pursuit of the spirit of product innovation, enhance customer satisfaction value, TAV is the cornerstone of sustainable development.

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 Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading company in the Taiwan EV commercial vehicles sector and railway sector, with an international industrial presence and to be recognized worldwide for our innovative capacity, our technology, quality, reliability, and for the added value of our products and services.

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 Our Vision

We intend to be a product and service supplier that can provide comprehensive and innovative solutions in new markets and market segments.

Company Values

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We make sure our economic, social and environmental aims are harmonious, and adjust the company’s objectives to those of society and families.By carrying out our company activities within the strictest honesty guidelines, we can keep our commitment to society.Our employees exhibit an honest and loyal conduct that promotes mutual confidence and personal esteem.

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 Technological Innovation

We strive to create an open working environment that encourages personal initiative and creativity.
Technological developments, as well as original contributions which add value to our products and services are all essential traits of our company’s character.

Customer Service

We make an effort to supply our clients with high quality, innovative products and services that will meet their needs and expectations.We establish long-lasting, cooperative relationships with our clients, helping them to achieve success.We take on our clients’ goals as if they were our own, tending to their needs immediately and efficiently.

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Team Effort and Engagement

We share in its contributions and success, to which we all contribute with our dedication and personal engagement.

Career Development

We concern ourselves with the professional development of our employees, to fine-tune their skills in order to enhance work quality and ensure constant improvement.

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Staff Health and Safety

We take care of the well-being and health of our workers, integrating occupational health and safety, as well as risk prevention, into the general management of the company.

Our company’s aim is to ensure that all workers carry out their activities in safe conditions and in a healthy work environment.

Operating territory

You can navigate through our location :

Taoyuan City

Kinmen City

Taichung battery modules production base

Taichung City

(13 bus routes in operation)

Taipei Headquarter

Tainan City

Kaohsiung vehicles
production base

EBus Value Chain Integration


Battery Pack

  1. R&D center for battery modules.
  2. R&D center for motor.



  1. The only supplier capable of high voltage EV
    production and test and verification.
  2. Dedicated in the R&D, integration, collocation
    of power system.


Power utility

  1. Localized maintenance team to provide timely services.
  2. Charging facilities installed; proficient skills.
  3. Speedy professional services in battery modules and driving motors maintenance.


Bus operation

  1. City bus operating and real time monitoring on bus routing.
  2. Big Data analysis.